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Why Do You Need Fertilizers?

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The Mombasa International Agricultural Show is held each year in the residential area of Nyali in Kenya. This year is from 30 Aug to 03 Sep 2017. Producers, importers and exporters, farmers, and even governmental representatives are attending the event to share new discoveries in knowledge and breakthroughs in technology to help the industry thrive. We as manufacturers / Suppliers of fertilizers for your farms will be glad to meet with you and also share with you on our products and technologies. To have a meeting Call: +254 729785682

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The Agritec Africa Agriculture Exhibition and Conference in Kenya will be held in Nairobi, Kenya during June 14-16,2017 . Africa has huge potential for Agricultural growth, thanks to ample amount of Land and Water Resources. Yet, land and agricultural productivity are found to be one of the lowest in the world.

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Equator Agro Technologies (EAT) Limited

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Equator Agro Technologies (EAT) limited is supplying Bio fertilizers, Bio pesticides, Bio Fungicides, Bio Activators, Micro Nutrients and Organic Manure in Kenya and East Africa. To the farmers we offer the most preferred brands - Bio-Fertilizers, Bio-Pesticides Bio Fungicides, Bio Activators certified for organic farming in the countries of the  East African community.

Our products quality is confirmed by a number of awards, diplomas and certificates including the Switzerland IMO certificate confirming that our products are admissible for organic agriculture and we are approved ORGANIC STANDARD ORGANIZATION. 

Equator Agro Technologies (EAT) limited is the farmers first choice for Bio-Fertilizers, Bio-Pesticides, Bio-Fungicides, Bio-Activators, Micro Nutrients and Organic Manure. All  the products are certified as a source for organic  farming.

We have products for almost all agricultural  crops - Horticultural, Plantation crops, Fruits and Vegetables. Our products are field  tested and certified by various agricultural research institutions and universities  in many countries in the world.

Our Products:

A) BioComplexes for crops nutrition,  BioPesticides,  BioFungicides, BioAdhesives, BioDestructors, Bio Conservants, ALEOX AGRO - Liquid fertilizer , Enzyme Additives.

 B) Poultry Products  - Chicken  feeds and premixes, Fresh table eggs. 

What are the advantages of Using Bio-Fertilizers ? 

Bio-fertilizers are becoming a rage, considering the irreparable damage that the chemical fertilizers are causing to the soil. Some of the advantages associated with bio-fertilizers include:               

  • First and most important advantage of using bio-fertilizers - they are environment friendly, unlike chemical fertilizers that damage the environment
  • Are comparatively low on cost inputs and are light on the pockets of the farmers
  • Their use leads to soil enrichment and the quality of the soil improves with time
  • The results shown over time are extremely spectacular
  • Microorganisms convert complex organic materials into simple compounds, to allow the plant easily take up the nutrients
  • Bio fertilizers harness atmospheric nitrogen and make it directly available to the plants
  • They increase the phosphorous content of the soil by solubility and releasing unavailable phosphorous
  • Bio-fertilizers improve root proliferation due to the release of growth promoting hormones
  • They help in increasing the crop yield by 10-25%

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